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    If you’re a property owner or agent with a location suitable for an Oporto restaurant, please let us know.


    Success is built on due diligence

    We select new Oporto restaurant locations with careful consideration. We look for sites near similar businesses to maximise high traffic potential. Every new Oporto location is selected to meet the needs of our customers and employees, while making sure you – as the franchisee – succeed too.

    Store types

    Oporto is in a period of accelerated growth, and you can join the new generation of owners today. Choose between buying an existing store or opening a new location. There are benefits to both, and we’ll help you find the option that’s right for you.

    We have three Oporto franchise opportunity store types available

    The classic drive-thru model is our most versatile format. Allowing for home delivery, take-away and dine-in experiences, these high-traffic locations are perfect if you want to operate a bustling restaurant.

    Approx Fit-out Cost:

    $600,000-$800,000 (plus GST)



    It didn’t take long for our newest store format to become a hit. The ‘Pequeno’ (Portuguese for small) shop front is a popular option for new franchisees in urban areas. A smaller footprint requires less upfront investment, but still delivers a strong return on investment.

    Approx Fit-out Cost:

    $400,000-$550,000 (plus GST)



    As shopping centres have evolved, so too have their food courts. A place that was once about simply…shopping – is now about convenience and experience, luxury and lifestyle. So it’s only natural that their food courts have morphed into food precincts, full of tasty and diverse options. It’s a great place to be!

    Approx Fit-out Cost:

    $400,000-$550,000 (plus GST)



    About Oporto

    We’re hard-working, food-loving, family-oriented and hungry for growth. As part of the Oporto familia, you’re embraced by a supportive, driven team who want you to thrive.

    Oporto has over 180 stores, and that number is growing throughout Australia and New Zealand. Today there are Oporto franchise opportunities.

    Success, backed by a solid team

    It’s not only the incredible talent within our Oporto restaurants and the first-class dedicated marketing and operations teams that make Oporto one of the best franchise businesses in Australia. It’s the collective experience of the entire Craveable Brands team.

    You’ll be backed by the experience and success of other iconic brands like Red Rooster and Chicken Treat, each with deep roots in Australian culture. Together, these brands form a strong international network of over 580 stores, all experiencing rapid growth.

    Building on traditions, we provide everything you need to succeed

    When you buy an Oporto franchise, you own a small business with access to a proven track record and instant following, which means customers from Day One! Owning a franchise also eliminates the guesswork and gives you a roadmap to success with all the training and support you need. Yes, you’ll work hard, but your energy will move in the right direction.


    Lets Talk




    It’s important to understand everything about owning a franchise before you take the first step. Read, talk to other franchise owners and ask a lot of questions. When you feel certain that becoming a franchisee is right for you, it’s time to contact us.



    You’ll find an Apply Now button at the top of the website. Fill out the short form, and someone from our Franchise Team will contact you for a chat, and to send through an application form.



    Take you time to fill out and submit the application form. Then someone from our team will get in touch with you to organise the initial interview.



    Once your details are confirmed, we will send you a Confidentiality Agreement to sign electronically. Please note that this is a legal requirement to allow us to discuss and share financial information



    When we receive your completed forms our Franchise Manager will call to discuss what you are looking for and arrange a meeting. The next steps include; a day in store; reference and asset checks; finance pre-approval as well as you creating a business plan and cash flow projection for your desired store.



    An interview with the State Manager and the CEO will be arranged. This is a great opportunity to present your plans and hear about the future plans of the brand.



    With the approval from our CEO, you can present your business plan to our Board. Then a franchise agreement that details the rights and responsibilities for both yourself and Craveable Brands is created and signed. In addition to getting you to sign this agreement, we’ll check your cash flow projections, initial business plan, references, assets and finance pre-approval status.



    Now that you’ve signed everything, we’ll take you through a full 10 week franchise business induction training program to ensure you understand our systems and processes. In it, we’ll teach you everything you need to know, from policies and staff training to food preparation and budgeting. This is where it all begins.

    You’ll also get to experience in-store training, where you’ll actually work with an established franchisee in one of our locations. This is a great way for you to see what it’s like from the beginning, and it also allows us to assess your communication and leadership skills.



    With keys in hand, you’re ready for your first customer – and we’ll be by your side for a smooth opening. You’ll feel well-prepared after your ten-week Franchise Partner Induction Program. We’ve covered it all, and after your first day, we’re only a phone call away.


    • What sort of person should consider buying a franchise?

      If you like to work hard, you love people and food, you’re an ideal candidate for an Oporto franchise partner. We look for people with strong leadership and communications skills who are customer-focused and business savvy.

      At Oporto, you don’t need previous retail or fast food experience to partner with us. If you’re willing to get hands-on, we’ll teach you and help you to create your franchise business plan.

    • What should I look for in a franchise for sale?

      Not all franchises are the same. There are different types, but most quick service restaurants use the retailer-to-retailer model, which means you operate your own business using the Oporto brand. When you compare which franchise would be best for you, consider the following.

      • Brand recognition – a significant advantage of buying a franchise over starting your own business is the existing brand recognition. If the franchise isn’t well known, you’ll find it harder to make the sales you need to be successful.
      • Royalty fees – the ongoing fees you’ll be responsible for also depend on the franchise model. These fees can be calculated in several ways. Understanding what you’ll need to pay in royalties and fees upfront is important.
      • Buying power – another advantage of buying a franchise is better buying power. As an Oporto owner, you’ll be part of a network of over 580 stores across three brands. That means you’ll benefit from big discounts on products and supplies. We manage your supply chain too, so you don’t have to worry about running out of the food you need to satisfy your hungry customers.
    • Why should I buy an Oporto franchise?

      Four words: our business is booming. Look, we could go into depth about the level of support that comes with buying an Oporto restaurant. The reality is that Oporto is forward thinking and growing, our food is deliciously moreish and keeps our customers coming back for more and our teams are here to give you a proven recipe for success. All you have to do is follow it.

    • What Australian franchise opportunities are there, other than Oporto?

      Under the Craveable Brands umbrella, Red Rooster and Chicken Treat are two more exciting opportunities to consider. Australia is a leading marketplace for franchising, because small business ownership is highly regarded here. Did you know that over 1,200 businesses, from lawn care to furniture stores, offer franchise opportunities across Australia?

      With so many choices, one way to narrow down your options is to look at the four models of franchise structures. Decide which structure fits the type of business you want to own, then look for brands under the structure you selected.

      Oporto uses a retailer-retailer model, which allows you to run your own business under the guidance and branding of a successful retailer.

    • I already own a business. Should I still consider buying a franchise?

      That depends. The Oporto stores that perform the best are operated by owners who are prepared to work in their restaurants. Go ahead and hire a store manager to help with the daily operations, but it just works better when you work in the store you own. Previous business experience is always a bonus though!

    • What can I expect from buying a franchise?

      Owning a franchise eliminates the guesswork that often comes with starting an independent small business. With the keys to your restaurant, you also get a roadmap to success, and all the training and support you need. Yes, you’ll have to work hard, but you won’t waste time figuring out the little details.

    • Can I buy an existing Oporto restaurant?

      Yes. Purchasing an existing restaurant means you’ll step into a business that’s been trading for some time with staff who are already trained and ready to go. You’ll also have access to the trading history, which will help you to build on the store’s success.

    • Can I buy a brand new Oporto franchise?

      Yes. The process is similar to buying an existing store, but with a few subtle differences. Don’t worry, though. Our team will be there to walk you through the whole process, from finding a location to negotiating rent and managing the fit-out. After you have gone through the interview process of course.

      The main benefit of starting a new store is how exciting it is. You get to put your mark on the location from the beginning. The energy of a new store within a community is unbeatable. Plus, there are fresh employees, a chance to connect in your way with the community, and endless opportunities.

    • More about franchising

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      What is a Franchise?

      A franchise is one way for a business to grow and reach more customers. The parent company (franchisor) sells the rights to their brand, products and services to another business owner (franchisee). Think of it as cloning a business and selling individual locations to new owners.

      Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchising

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    • How do I get started?

      To learn more about the exciting opportunities at Oporto, get in touch and we will let you know your next step.

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