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At Oporto we provide expertise and a best practice approach to help you succeed. The franchising, training, property, construction, supply chain and technology teams are ready to get your restaurant open and running smoothly along with the operations, marketing and product development teams. Our experts are with you the whole way and are always on hand to help your store thrive long into the future.

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We Love People. We Love Food.

Oporto was born from one man’s passion and his philosophy was simple, ‘provide unique and delicious food in a friendly environment’... and that is exactly how it was, everyone who came to the shop were considered friends... family. Our team are instilled with his passion and commitment. We are nimble, agile, and are focused on the customer experience, the family experience. Together we strive for success and to make a world of difference.

BIG Plans. Small Footprint.

With over 140 restaurants across the country already, we have plans to build a lot more. Find out how our new small format shop fronts are enabling this growth with lower rents and greater returns.

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Push Boundaries

We are constantly pushing boundaries to create new ways for every store to boost profitability. Discover the resources you can access, including training, advertising, and dynamic marketing campaigns.

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