Oporto Marketing queens!

Familia News: March 8, 2019

OportoWomensWeek – on the big day… Our Marketing Queens! They are the ones behind the scenes helping franchisee’s run successful businesses through telling Oporto’s unique story.

A bold team of amazing and inspiring women that make us feel so lofty. They are strong women, but stronger together. They are the Oporto spirit and the real #OMG team!


Oporto supports equality at work place - International Women Day 2019 - Women at Franchising Industry

Samantha Bragg | Head of Marketing

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the Oporto team? Oporto has a heart and soul that is progressive, brave and up for the challenge – much like the Australian spirit. While only working in the team for less than 2 months it’s an eclectic but cohesive team and every single person is passionate about the brand they are working for.

Only being new to Oporto I’m looking forward to being part of the team on the journey to continue the amazing success to date and making the way we market the brand stand out but importantly deliver results.


Name a woman that inspires you and why: I’m inspired by Michelle Obama – an amazing business woman, philanthropist and mother (with amazing arms!).


Some hobby you might have: I love hanging with my kids on the weekend and as a family we attack the snowfields every winter – nearly every weekend.


Keira McIntosh  | Digital Brand Manager 

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the Oporto team? I enjoy working with like minded people who want to work in a collaborative and innovating environment. I love having the opportunity to help franchisee’s run successful businesses through telling Oporto’s unique story.


How long have you been working for OP and why did you decide to join the brand? I’ve been working with Oporto for 18 months, I joined the brand because I’m a huge Oporto fan. The brand is so nostalgic to me, I remember making the trip to Bondi with my friends at school, spending the day at the beach and then ordering a Bondi Burger with Original Chilli Sauce. I’m sure that’s where my love of spicy food came from!


Name a woman that inspires you and why: Michelle Obama – She is an amazing role model for both men and women. I recently finished her book and her perseverance is something I admire greatly. Her work professionally along with her personal passion for women’s education worldwide is incredibly inspiring.


Some hobby you might have: I love music, I collect vinyl records so I’m always looking to build out my collection wherever I go.


One achievement you are proud of: I was born with hip dysplasia which meant I had some challenges as a child. I began ballet at the age of 3 to assist in building my strength, I fell in love with ballet instantly and learnt a lot about discipline and work ethic. For the next 17 years I continued my training, completed my teaching certificate and represented NSW through various dance genres all over the country, it was a huge part of my life and something I’m so proud to have achieved.

Hollie Dent-Noble | Senior Brand Manager
What do you enjoy most about being a part of the Oporto team? The team or should I say familia – I have never had as much fun with a group of like-minded people anywhere else I have worked. Everyone is so passionate about the brand and each other that it creates a high performance culture where we all support one another to create great things for Oporto but also from a personal development perspective. I get to work on some really exciting projects – and who doesn’t love taste testing new products every week!


How long have you been working for OP and why did you decide to join the brand?  I have been working for Oporto for around 4 years now, I loved the possibilities of the brand and the opportunity to tell our founder Antonio’s story about what makes it so special.


Name a woman that inspires you and why? J.K. Rowling – who couldn’t be inspired by someone who brought the magical Harry Potter into this world!


Some hobby you might have: I love to keep fit, exercising every morning if I can – this is something that is encouraged by the business who believe in us making sure we do one thing a week that is important to us. It sets me up for the day and helps me keep stress under control. I also love horse riding as I have done this since the age of 4 back in England where I was born…it’s just a little hotter in Australia so I haven’t kept it up as much!


One achievement you are proud of: Winning the Oporto head office team member of the year at our Bali convention last year. This meant so much to me as it was a Franchise nominated award, who is as much a customer to me as our Oporto customers.


Evelina Tran | Marketing Coordinator 
What do you enjoy most about being a part of the Oporto team? Being part of the Oporto team is being part of a Familia. I’m constantly surrounded by passionate and hard-working people, which also pushes you to reach for the stars!


How long have you been working for OP and why did you decide to join the brand? I started as an intern in July 2018 and transitioned into a coordinator role in December 2018. As I’ve been focused on my professional and personal growth, it was an easy decision for me to stay. As an intern, I was challenged to help manage various projects, which improved my skills and experience immensely in such a short space of time. I loved that, and being given the opportunity to work alongside a great group of supportive mentors – it was a no brainer!


Name a woman that inspires you and why? This is a hard one! One woman is Victoria Beckham because she’s managed to overcome expectations to achieve success and legitimacy in the fashion world.


Some hobby you might have: I love staying active and trying out different fitness activities such as barre and strength training. I also love food – cooking, dining out, watching food shows and even learning about the history of different cuisines, and even specific food and down to the ingredients.


One achievement you are proud of: At Oporto, we have an internal Facebook group with both our restaurant team members and restaurant support centre as members. I’ve taken ownership of official marketing and CX comms which has driven an increase in membership as well as engagement and sentiment.


Isabella Coskinas | Assistant Brand Manager
What do you enjoy most about being a part of the Oporto team? I love the familia that you inherit as part of the Oporto team. Everyone works towards a common vision and there is an incredibly unique bond between all of us.


How long have you been working for OP and why did you decide to join the brand? I have now been working for Oporto for almost two years. I began my journey in Oporto as an intern from UNSW and instantly fell in love with the product and people I work with. I stayed on with the brand after my internship in a full time role as I wanted to continue to grow and learn in an exciting environment, and Oporto had captured my heart.


Name a woman that inspires you and why: Malala Yousafzai. Her uncompromising fight for equal opportunity and unfaltering belief in the power of education despite the resistance she has faced is remarkable. Her strength and determination is inspiring; when challenged, she defies fear and hopelessness and summons courage. She has inspired and empowered young women across the world with her message, and is my personal role model.


Some hobby you might have: I volunteer as a fundraising and corporate sponsorships coordinator at a charity called ‘CaringKids’, which supports children who are primary carers for parents or siblings with a disability or illness. Many of the youth we work with have a large amount of responsibility at a young age, and miss out on formative ‘fun’ parts of childhood due to their duties taking care of the family’s finances, medical care plans and daily routines such as cooking and cleaning. We offer practical support through in-depth home assessments and financial grants to relieve the youth of some of their burdens and allow them to reconnect with their childhood.


One achievement you are proud of: I have recently organised local football sponsorship contracts for 2019 for 56 of our Oporto stores. Oporto is a brand with a long history of supporting local communities and I am proud to be a part of building further connections between us and our customers, growing our familia club by club.


Kerrie Leung | Marketing Intern
What do you enjoy most about being a part of the Oporto team? I love how passionate everyone in the Oporto team is about the brand. Everyone genuinely loves Oporto and what it has to offer and this is what drives the absolutely positive and contagiously enthusiastic attitude of the Oporto team.


How long have you been working for OP and why did you decide to join the brand? I have only been working for Oporto for around 1 month but it feels like I have been here for so long because of how welcoming and accommodating everyone have been. I was placed at Oporto by my university program but I was absolutely thrilled at the opportunity to work at OP as I really saw the steady growth of the company and was excited to continue to see OP further live to its potential.


Name a woman that inspires you and why: The woman that inspires me is my mother as she is the shining example of strength, resistance and self-sacrifice in my eyes. My mother emigrated to Australia at a young age before giving birth to me as she wanted to raise me in a country that had so many more opportunities for my future, leaving behind all her family, friends and job. She sacrificed her dream career to move here and spent her days teaching and raising my brother and I to be independent young adults and always encouraged me to strive harder for my dreams. She never complained even when things were difficult or lonely and seeing her perseverance and positivity even amidst her struggles really shaped who I am today.


Some hobby you might have: My favourite hobby is dance – girls hip hop and urban choreography. I fell in love with dance at a young age and was always musically inclined so dancing always gave me release from stress and was something that came very naturally to me.


One achievement you are proud of: My proudest achievement is getting my dream degree and scholarship at university. I had always known I wanted to pursue marketing as from a young age I was both creative and analytical and always had such strong interest in advertising and media. I had heard of the UNSW Co-op Scholarship for Marketing when I was in my senior years of high school but never thought I would be able to get it as I was never an academically top student in my cohort. I was always quite shy and believed I would fail any interview I sat. However, after successfully passing the written applications, I managed to force myself out of my comfort zone and ace my interview as I was truly passionate about what I was saying and my reasons for wanting the degree. To this day, this is still my proudest achievement as I achieved something that I had always believed would not be possible for me.




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