Oporto Queensland State Manager – Meet Julie Pateman

Familia News: November 7, 2018


In the next five years we’ll double our number of Queensland stores to 35.

Julie Pateman_Oporto

Julie Pateman – Oporto Queensland State Manager

Since relocating from Sydney two years ago, Oporto’s experienced Queensland State Manager Julie Pateman has been instrumental in pressing the reset button on the brand’s strategy in the sunshine State in her role leading the franchisees and helping them to become profitable. Julie has seen Oporto franchise success in QLD take off, particularly over the last 12 months.

“We’ve identified Queensland as a growing, developing market for the Oporto brand, and we’re thrilled to be increasing our footprint in the state”, says Julie. “The past year’s been really successful and in the next five years we’ll double our number of Queensland stores to 35.”

When asked why the QLD market is doing so well, Julie says the brand resonates with Queensland consumers. “Oporto was born in Australia, and I think that is quite important to the market here. Plus, Queenslanders absolutely love chicken! So, we’re definitely offering them the right product as well as being something unique in the space. None of our competitors can compete with us on that.”

Reasons to join Oporto franchise

Julie’s knowledge about the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry is invaluable and extensive. She started her career at the age of 16 as a kitchen hand at McDonalds Dubbo and spending the next 30 years with the company in NSW. Julie rose to the level of Project Manager before moving to QLD and making the switch to Craveable (Oporto’s holding company) in 2016.

“I was really interested in finding a smaller growing brand where I could participate in ongoing growth”, she explains. “I’m a friendly people-person and am focused on helping our franchisees grow their businesses and develop their teams. Providing great customer experiences is vital to our business success, so to see our franchisees go from strength to strength in this area is incredibly rewarding and celebrating success with them really is the best feeling.”


Despite the increasingly crowded Australian market, and rapidly changing technologies in the industry, Julie passionately believes that being a franchisee is an excellent career choice. “It really allows you to drive your own destiny and set your own goals – all the while there is a team of experts to support and guide you to success. Franchisees who set the bar high and go for it tend to be the most successful. As far as new technologies coming into play, I say embrace it. I understand that there is sometimes trepidation of the new and unknown, but technology is the future and how we connect with our customers is the way forward.”

An avid traveler, who is currently planning a California road trip with her sister, Julie is relishing the pace of Oporto. “I’ve learnt that to succeed, a business must be fast on their feet and nimble,” she says. “Our franchisees need to be fully engaged with the brand’s movements and they are doing just that. With our vision, strategy and focus on delivering results, I see great things for our market in QLD and the rest of Australia.”


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