Oporto winner of the Customer Experience QSR Award!

Brand News: June 21, 2019

OMG – WE DID IT! 💥 Oporto winner of the Customer Experience QSR Award 🙌🏼 We are proud for receiving what we believe is one of the most especial awards – as this speaks out loud about one of our priorities: our people.

Oporto was awarded for the CX & EX Evolution project where 4 areas of opportunity across the customer journey were identified:

Oporto winner of the Customer Experience QSR Award

1. People with Personality:

Design thinking was introduced to implement the largest organisation change required to create a customer centric culture across all parts of our business


2. Easy Ordering:

Transacting to be simplified.


3. Appealing Atmosphere:

We injected our passion, vibrancy and zest for life into our store designs to showcase our Portuguese roots and Australian upbringing


4. Food Presentation:

We needed to improve the functionality of our packaging to be a premium experience that would build brand appeal with our core target audience.


Congrats Michelle Draper for leading this amazing project 🙌🏽 You rock!


⚡️ And congratulations to the Oporto team involved for showcasing once again the hashtag#wewintogether attitude🚀


Good news:


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