Oporto opened 3 New stores in August

Brand News: September 1, 2019

We are celebrating the end of winter in style: 3 NEW STORE OPENINGS in August that were just the beginning of a promising FY20 for Oporto 🚀 🙌🏽

Congratulations to our new Franchise Partners Hemanth Singirikonda (Oporto Weston, ACT) and Shailesh Patel (Oporto Minto, NSW) and a big OMG to  Akanksha Taneja on opening her 3rd Oporto restaurant (Oporto Penrith, NSW) 💥

Oporto Opens 3 new stores in August

👉 Thank you to Oporto Operations’ Leeza Jacob, Faadhil Khan, Maria Schifilliti and Garry Ackroyd-Mosbey and to our project managers Vaibhav Purohit, Sally Fong who have worked hard to ensure the successful opening of these restaurants. hashtag#wewintogether – Please drop in and say hi to the Oporto crew.


Thanks to all involved!




On behalf of everyone at Craveable we wish Shailesh and the Oporto team every success.


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