Brand News: May 10, 2021

While Oporto is known for cooking up delicious home cooked food for its valued customers, behind the scenes and in the office there exists another kind of nurture; the leadership.

Samantha Bragg, the new CEO of Oporto, smiles at the camera.

Samantha Bragg, Oporto CEO

Samantha Bragg has officially been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Oporto. As acting CEO over recent months, Samantha’s strength, agility and passion have been noticed by all, so when it came to appointing the right person on a permanent basis, Samantha was the top choice to lead the Oporto familia.

“It’s an exciting time to be leading this group. Being agile and able to respond to customer trends and needs over the last year has positioned Oporto strongly for future growth and I am excited to become a permanent part of its iconic story” said Bragg, on accepting the position.

Craveable Brands were looking for a dynamic individual who would drive the Oporto business into the future. Over the past 18 months we have built a huge amount of momentum which has led to exponential growth, fast tracked innovation and delivery of long held plans.

With comprehensive experience in consumer strategy and behaviour, along with strong strategic and communication skills, we are thrilled to have Sam leading the Oporto team in executing our strategies whilst continuously building a robust and successful business for our Franchise Partners.

“I envisage a very busy year of expansion! Our strategy for the next three years includes opening 15 to 20 restaurants a year. Customer trends in 2020 brought to the forefront what a modern day customer expects from the brands they interact with and we want to respond to that. I’m excited to present customers with a broad range of resilient options” said Samantha Bragg.

Karen Bozic, Group Chief Executive Officer at umbrella company Craveable Brands, says Samantha shares our passion and commitment to the brand. “I personally want to thank Sam for the speed with which she stepped up into this role and I am excited to partner with her and the team as we deliver on our business strategy and goals.” – Karen Bozic.

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