Chicken is Australia’s favourite meat!

Brand News: October 10, 2019

It’s World Chicken Day…
and our research shows that
Chicken is Australia’s favourite meat…

craveable brands chicken report - Australians love chicken twice as much as beef and pork


Australians love chicken twice as much as beef and pork, and six times more than lamb – in fact we eat more chicken than any other country in the Western World.


According to a 2018 Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARES) report, at the end of World War II, beef, veal and sheep were by far Australia’s most popular meats.


Back then, Australians consumed on average 42 kgs of beef and veal per person each year, 34 kgs of lamb, and 8 kgs of pig meat (pork, ham and bacon), compared with just 5 kgs of chicken.


Today, these numbers have completely flipped, with Australians now consuming 49 kgs of chicken per person each year, compared with 27 kgs of pig meat, 26 kgs of beef and veal and only 8 kgs of lamb.

We Call it The Great Chicken Flip.




🐔In Chicken we trust… And you?

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