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Backed by the best in the business

Bondi burgers, flame-grilled chicken and Original Chilli Sauce – we’re proud that Oporto has become an iconic Australian food franchise. Our story is one of traditional values and exciting growth, which is mostly thanks to the incredible support we get from being part of the larger Craveable Brands family.

But what does that mean?

Parent company, Craveable Brands also owns Red Rooster and Chicken Treat. That means they’re the undisputed experts in fast food franchise opportunities. They’ve taken all of that experience and laid it out in proven paths to success for their franchisees.

In short: you’re buying so much more than the brand

The Craveable Brands experts have honed everything about their business over time, constantly improving and refining it. So as a new franchisee, you don’t have to spend time wondering what the best process or practice to follow is. You’ll hit the ground running. Olá!

Sean O’Connor

Recruiting the right business operators to join our team

Melissa Anderson

Providing continuous learning and guidance for franchisees and crew

Toni Spicer-Chase

Ensuring that the high quality of food products are consistent in our 570+ restaurants

Craveable Brands experts, at your service

When you become an Oporto franchisee, you join the Craveable Brands familia that consists of over 580 restaurants.

We’ll take you under our (chicken!) wing and set you up for success in every aspect of your franchise business. From IT & technology to restaurant operations, supply chain to property, marketing to food innovation – you’ll feel supported all the way.


No experience, but a passion of owning your own franchise? It’s totally possible, and our training team is here to help. We’ll give you the tools you need to get your business off the ground without fuss. We’ll get you up to speed with our ten-week franchise partner induction program. In it, you’ll dive into business strategy, financial management and marketing. And our door is always open, so if you need support at any time afterwards, we’re here to help you meet your business goals.



Finding the perfect location for the newest Oporto restaurant is an adventure we embrace. Our dedicated property team handles every side of property and development to maximise high traffic potential. We select sites carefully, negotiate the lease and then start building. Every new store gets expert attention with close attention paid to the best location, design, cost, fit-out and ambience.



Technology makes the world go round. And because it does, we focus heavily on future-proofing our digital best practices. Our IT team’s job is to take our restaurants and brand into the future while adapting to whatever it may bring us. Thinking big and thinking fast – we do both every day.


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We embrace digital platforms that are one step ahead of the rest, and we’re always looking for innovative ways to connect with new customers. These platforms make connecting with your local community easier for you as a franchisee. The award-winning Oporto app keeps Oporto fans coming back for more. It’s all about creating a better customer experience and making delicious food even better.



Our reputation for ‘delicious food that makes you feel good’ means everything to us. And we do everything we can to keep our reputation for quality and exceeding customer expectations strong. So, as a franchisee, you’ll run your business feeling confident that we’ve taken care of everything from forecasting and supplier management to food safety and on-time delivery. And of course, our resources and purchasing power create more profit for you.



Who predicted delicious Portuguese flame-grilled chicken would be a huge hit in Australia in 1986? Our founder Antonio Cerqueira did. And since then, we’ve been perfecting our recipes, enhancing our menu and taking care of our planet along the way. Oporto customers appreciate our commitment to meeting their needs and respecting our Australian-first approach when it comes to sourcing our food. But we’re also not afraid to change things up when necessary to keep our customers happy.



As an Oporto franchisee, you’ll have access to all the expertise from our brand restaurant operations and marketing teams, as well as the experts at our parent company Craveable Brands. Our 40-year history of franchising Australia’s most iconic brands means you step into a business that hasn’t slowed down since day one. That collective experience, in turn, means we understand training and development, employee relations, operations, technology and food safety better than anyone we know. If you’re looking for a successful food franchise business, you’re in the right place.


3 store opportunities currently available

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Oporto one of the best food franchises to own in Australia?

    We make it easy for you to own your own successful franchise business. And even better, you don’t need previous industry experience. We’ll teach you everything you need to know.

    As an Oporto franchisee, you’ll get support from a close-knit team of experts who never stop achieving. Not only that, you’re also backed by everyone who works at Craveable Brands, and over 580+ small business owners just like you.

  • How much will I pay for an Oporto franchise?

    Oporto restaurant franchises range between $400,000 and $800,000 (plus GST).

    You can either buy an existing or a new franchise store. The price of an existing restaurant depends on multiple factors that you and the franchisee can negotiate independently. The only upfront fee we charge is a $22,500 (plus GST) administration fee.

    Or, for a new store, you can expect the following costs:

    • $350,000-$700,000 (plus GST) new store fit-out cost
    • $50,000 (plus GST) franchise agreement fee
    • $12,500 (plus GST) training fee
    • $10,000 (plus GST) administration fee

    We detail other ongoing costs for owning an Oporto store in the Disclosure Document that our Franchising Team will provide when you contact us.

  • When I buy an Oporto franchise, who owns it?

    Oporto uses the retailer-retailer franchise model. That means when you buy a franchise, you agree to the terms of the brand to operate your business using the Oporto brand, tools and systems for 10 years, with the option to then extend.

    So, with this model, you’re buying the rights to the Oporto intellectual property including the name.

  • What training do you give franchisees?

    As a member of the Oporto family, you’ll have access to extensive training and ongoing support to get you ready for franchise success. You’ll start with a ten-week franchise partner induction program designed to supercharge your small business retail qualifications. A combination of classroom, hands-on and in-store sessions will equip you well with the knowledge you need.

    And if you’ve never worked in the retail food industry before, that’s A-OK. You’ll learn everything you need to know from us. And we’ll be there to help you with support and advice for years to come.

    During the early stages, we’ll even help you to set up a financial management and business plan.

    Over the years Craveable Brands have trained thousands of small business owners.

  • Who’s responsible for what in my Oporto franchise?

    Oporto and Craveable Brands take care of:

    • national marketing and brand awareness
    • researching and developing new menu items
    • supply chain and quality assurance
    • IT and digital management and advancements
    • ongoing training and support
    • sourcing property and negotiations

    You’ll be responsible for:

    • recruiting and training employees
    • stock order and management
    • local area marketing
    • following operational guidelines
    • customer service
  • How do I get started?

    Ready to learn more about the exciting opportunities with Oporto? Your next step is to contact our Franchising Team. They’ll walk you through the steps.

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