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Oporto in Sydney

Oporto restaurants can be found across Australia, but Sydney is where it all started. It was right here, in iconic North Bondi, back when the Australian music scene took the world by storm and Crocodile Dundee became an international box office hit.

Oporto of the good ol’ days

Antonio Cerqueira opened Portuguese Style Bondi Charcoal Chicken in the Sydney beach-side community in 1986. He couldn’t find anyone who made a flame-grilled chicken as juicy and delicious as it was in his home country of Portugal. So, he decided to open a shop to bring the taste of his childhood to Australia.

Food makes us feel good, and it’s what ties us to family and friends. Antonio wanted to share delicious food with his fellow Australians, and the Bondi Burger became a cult classic.

This burger, considered Oporto’s flagship burger, is topped with Antonio’s mouthwatering Original Chilli Sauce and remains a firm crowd favourite.

Today, Oporto’s roots are firmly in Sydney, and there are new Oporto restaurants for sale all over the city for the next generation of food lovers.

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Sydney: a food-lover’s haven

From the pristine beaches and relaxed coastal vibes to the vibrant city centre, Sydney’s food scene is an eclectic, energetic mix of international flavours. Sydneysiders, tourists and Australian’s newest residents all love the variety that Sydney offers. And Oporto is not only located in Sydney’s most cherished locations, but we’re also part of the community and woven into Sydney’s culture.

The iconic Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are the gateways to everything on offer in Sydney. Circular Quay is where you’ll find the masses taking in the sites and enjoying a meal on the water’s edge. And our Circular Quay store is busy day and night, catering to CBD businesses and tourists alike.

You can also find us in Darling Harbour. We’re right there as residents and tourists gather to take in Sydney’s must-see attractions like Wildlife Sydney Zoo, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and the Australian National Maritime Museum. There’s so much to do in this beloved precinct, and it’s all sure to make everyone hungry.

Another urban foodie destination that has people heading out of the CBD is the Surry Hills neighbourhood. The best nibbles from around the world can be found here, and Oporto is proud to be among them.

Our Sydney Oporto restaurant locations

A juicy Bondi Burger is never far away in Sydney. With 90+ stores across the city, there’s bound to be an Oporto near you.

    Why Sydney loves Oporto so much

    Quite simply, Oporto is the place to be. Back in the day, it was the place for Bondi teens basking in the Australian sun to be seen. With a board in one hand and a juicy burger in the other, the flavours of Portugal were a hit.

    And the adventurous, thrill-seeking Bondi crowd liked their food to follow suit. Something a bit exotic with a delicious kick of spice that made them feel good was the secret ingredient for Oporto to franchise less than a decade later.

    And now, with all the Oporto restaurants located throughout this glorious city, you don’t have to go far to satisfy your cravings.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Why should I consider buying a franchise in Sydney?

      Because Sydney loves Oporto, and there’s room to add so many more Oporto restaurants. The city has a population of 5.7 million (and growing), and Sydneysiders’ appetite for international fare is growing along with it. And yes, there are plenty of food franchises for sale in Sydney… but there’s only one Oporto.

      The top food trends for the next decade include:

      • European cuisine
      • sustainable food
      • delivery services
      • diversity.

      And at Oporto, we cover them all easily.

    • What's the business competition like in Sydney?

      It’s just right! Sydneysiders crave choice. They want spice and pizzaz, and that’s exactly what Oporto offers. A healthy amount of competition makes us better, and there’s no shortage of Bondi burger-lovers in Sydney. The market is ready for more deliciousness, and we’re responding by opening new stores to keep the crowds happy. So now is the perfect time to buy an Oporto franchise.

    • What ROI can I expect from a Sydney franchise?

      We get this question a lot, and you’re smart to ask about return on investment (ROI).

      However, the Franchising Code of Conduct prevents us from sharing ROI figures: numbers are location-dependent, and never an accurate indicator of future performance. But what we can say is that Oporto and our parent company, Craveable Brands, are both in a solid financial position with a clear history of success and clear growth plans for the future

      If you’re considering buying an existing store, ask the current Oporto franchisee to share their profit and loss statement, sales history and ROI benchmarks with you. Or, for a new store, indicators like traffic count, competitors and sales profiles will help you to determine ROI.

    • How much does a Sydney Oporto franchise cost?

      Some of the costs associated with owning an Oporto franchise in Sydney are similar to costs in other areas in Australia. Of course, depending on the location, costs such as rent may be higher, but the start-up fee is consistent no matter where the franchise is located. The start-up fee of $52,500 is a fixed cost that’s payable to Craveable Brands, no matter where you are or what type of store you select. After that:

      • shop front startup costs are typically approximately $400,000-$550,000 (plus GST).
      • drive-thru startup costs come in at approximately $600,000-$800,000 (plus GST).
      • food court startup costs are around $400,000-$550,000 (plus GST).
    • Can I buy more than one Sydney Oporto restaurant?

      Yes! However, we recommend starting with one location, then adding a second store when you’re ready. Becoming a franchisee requires hard work and a hands-on approach. Once your first store is established, you’ll have the experience to open a second location.

    • Can I pick a location in Sydney to develop a franchise?

      Of course. We’re always open to suggestions. The perfect site for an Oporto store will be easy for cars and foot traffic to access, surrounded by strong anchor stores, with the right amount of competition to draw in hungry crowds. We have a property team who negotiate the best deal on your behalf and help you start your new business in the best location. If you’ve had your eye on a particular spot, get in touch and we can chat about it.

    • What's Oporto’s strategy for growth in Sydney, and how will I be part of it?

      We’re growing fast in Sydney, and excited about what’s on the horizon. Our strategy? To open more stores and serve juicy, delicious food throughout the city, of course. With 93 stores and counting, we’re adding new restaurants in up-and-coming neighbourhoods. We just need motivated owners like you. We’re Sydney’s favourite chicken franchise, and they just can’t get enough of us.

    • Why does Oporto’s business model work well in Sydney?

      Sydneysiders work hard and love food, and the combination of the two makes a successful Oporto owner. Owning a small business is a sought-after way of life. When your career involves working around dedicated people, your ‘job’ won’t feel like one.

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