Oporto’s Menu Offers Healthy Options For All

Brand News: December 10, 2021

Oporto has overcome low expectations afforded to salads in the deep QSR space with a premium range that is packed with flavour unique to Oporto. By providing customers with more healthy choices when they visit, Oporto supports those who value healthy behaviour, active lifestyles and balanced food choices.

Oporto’s fame is built upon the iconic Bondi Burger created in 1986. More than 35 years on, the Bondi Burger continues to be a best-selling menu item. While the Bondi Burger will forever remain a cult favourite, consumers want lighter and healthier options that do not compromise on taste and quality. Oporto has delivered with a new menu strategy incorporating options unique to the brand in the form of “bunless burgers”, and a range of salads and bowls that deliver on the brand’s promise for bold flavour, quality and feel good food feeling.


Oporto has done extensive research and full competitive reviews in order to create menu options that stand out in the crowd and use fresh, vibrant ingredients which survive delivery processes. In the development of these items it was important to ensure the best experience for whatever channel the customer was ordering via. With that in mind, Oporto developed product renovations on the existing salad options and introduced two new items to build on the range; Chicken and Fetta Salad and a Vegan Salad.

To complement this innovation, Oporto has rebranded their salads by introducing “bunless burgers” – salads with premium ingredients and great taste. Doing so had a twofold effect – increasing appeal and consideration amongst their target audience by driving awareness of the new Salads & Bowls Range and ultimately delivering on sales and transactions targets for Franchise Partners.


This menu update paired with a fun advertising campaign to drive awareness, led to some fantastic results:

  • Sales mix in the Salads and Bowls category has improved by 2.3%, maintaining growth post campaign to become one of the highest mixing categories.
  • Delivered incremental profit for Franchisees whilst increasing usage of existing ingredient SKUs, reducing wastage and streamlining operations.
  • The Chicken and Fetta Salad has become a fan favourite for gym-goers and low-carb customers.
  • Customer feedback on improved accessibility of the menu for gluten-friendly and low-carb options.