Why own a Franchise Business?

FAQs: December 4, 2019

Why own a franchise business rather than start your own business?

Every year, more and more people choose to start a franchise business in Australia. But why consider a franchise? Why not start your own business from scratch instead?

Statistically, buying a franchise has a higher success rate than starting a new business. This makes sense: most franchisors have already market-tested their products and services, worked out price points and established a brand for you. It’s far easier to make a franchise business successful, because all that behind-the-scenes work has already been done for you.

Plus, when you start your own business and build it from the ground up, you’re totally on your own. With a professional franchise business, you get access to ongoing support from a team of people who have a vested interest in helping you to succeed.

Finally, if you’re looking for startup funding, investors are understandably wary about financing new, untested ideas. They may be far keener to invest in a proven business model with a track record of multiple successful businesses both nationally and internationally.

Why own an Oporto franchise business?

While it’s true that opening a franchise business has many advantages, not all franchisors offer you equal benefits as a franchisee. So before you jump on board with a franchisor, it’s vital to do your due diligence. Make sure you know exactly what kind of up-front and ongoing support you can expect.

At Oporto, we make a point of giving you all the support you need to help you build a successful franchise business. In fact, we pride ourselves on treating our franchisees like ‘familia’ (as our founder, Antonio Cerqueira, would say).

Just a few of the advantages that make us stand out from other franchise partners are:

– Brand awareness

When you buy an Oporto franchise, you’ll hit the ground running with a business that already has great brand recognition and awareness. And of course, our reputation for ‘delicious food that makes you feel good’ means you’ll start your business with ready-made customers and potential employees right from the get-go.

– Support

As an Oporto franchisee, you’ll be able to draw on a wealth of support – both initially and going forward. Our ten-week induction training gives you all the skills you need to run your business – from administration and franchise management to hands-on food preparation and customer service. 

And at any time between their frequent visits, you can reach out to your appointed Business Consultant for support and advice. You also have the support of the Area and State Managers, CEO and our Shared Services teams for help with everything from leasing negotiations to marketing, and stock ordering to legal questions.

You can start an Oporto franchise without having ever worked in the industry or owned a business, and learn everything you need to know from us. You just need to have a passion for customer service and a level of business acumen. 

– Economies of scale

Because we negotiate pricing and ordering for our full brand suite, including Red Rooster, Oporto and Chicken Treat, you get to take advantage of the competitive pricing from our bulk buying. The scale of our business impacts your small business, giving you more bang for your buck.

What support does Oporto give you to open a franchise business?

Oporto provides all the support you need to help get your new store open, particularly in the first few critical weeks.

– Fast restaurant opening 

We like you to open your new store very close to when your training finishes. Ideally, you’ll finish training and then open your new store a week later.

However, if there are delays, we may get you to work in an existing store to keep your skills up and build momentum.

– Constant support for first two weeks

Once you’re in your new store, we don’t abandon you. For the first two weeks after opening, our Business Consultants are available to help you during all shifts, day and night. We also have a squad of trainers who help you to train new staff over that time should you want the additional support.

– Ongoing support

After those two weeks are up, your dedicated, ongoing Oporto Business Consultant is always available. They can provide support whenever you need it and regularly visit with you in-store. 

– New Store Opening checklist

We have a New Store Opening checklist that kicks off in the weeks leading up to your store opening. Our marketing team goes into overdrive to let people know you’ll be opening, with initiatives such as our 500 free Bondi Burgers Giveaway in your first week to promote your store and get traffic through your door!

In a nutshell: why Oporto is a fantastic franchise business 

  • We’re a family. We like to live by the values of our founder, Antonio Cerqueira, and do everything in the best interests of our ‘familia’.
  • We do things as a team. We’re inclusive and we like to collaborate and have fun with our franchisees.
  • We really are an up-and-coming brand. We started in iconic Bondi in 1986 with one store, with the second following three years later. The business grew rapidly from there. We became a cool, hip, well-established brand in NSW, and now we’re growing nationally and internationally.

Oporto is THE franchise to buy if you’re looking for a future with a growing brand!

Want to open an Oporto franchise business?

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