Oporto franchisee in Sydney – Meet Phanindra Valluripalli

Familia News: January 8, 2019


Phanindra Valluripalli Oporto franchise partner conference

Phanindra Valluripalli – Oporto franchisee in Sydney CBD, NSW

Phanindra Valluripalli had his heart set on a career in IT when he first moved to Australia as a university student 14 years ago. However, a stint working part-time at Oporto to earn a little extra cash soon inspired him to embark on a totally new career in the QSR industry. Today, Phanindra runs his own Oporto franchisee at Sydney’s Gateway Plaza and couldn’t be happier. The father of two now has his eye on expanding into multiple stores. He explains his journey so far.


Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Sure, I am originally from India – I emigrated to Australia in 2004 to study a Masters degree in Information Technology at university. It was during that period that I started working part-time at Oporto as a crew member. In actual fact, all I wanted to do when I first came to Australia was to have a career in IT! However, the more I worked at Oporto, the more I loved it. I saw that there were great prospects and opportunities there. I completed the Masters but then decided that I wanted to keep working for the brand.


So, what has been your career path with Oporto?

I worked alongside the same franchise owner for 10 years. He owned multiple stores so eventually I started moving around running the different stores as a manager. I then partnered up with another owner to manage a store before branching off on my own when my store came up for sale last year. It was fun working with a partner, but I always wanted to be independent and take on the challenge of making my own decisions.


What’s your definition of success?

Set your goals and work towards them with commitment. Invest time in your dreams and don’t get deviate from your ambition!


In particular, what does it take to be a successful Oporto franchisee?

Dedication and commitment are key – you need to invest time in your business to make it successful, no matter where you are working. You also need to stay true to your own work standards.


Have you had to make sacrifices to be a successful business owner?

Compared to running stores as a manager before nothing has really changed in terms of time commitment and effort. I try to spend time with my wife and two kids aged six and four whenever I can although initially I did need to invest more time to set up the business to ensure I understood it through and through. I wanted to pass on as much knowledge as possible to my management team to deliver the best experience to our customers.


How do you see your business growing?
I’d like to start my own portfolio, owning multiple stores and expanding my partnership carefully. I also want to set up goals for my team to achieve progressive results so we can keep growing.


What are you most looking forward to with the overall growth of the brand?
I’m eager to see the brand developing worldwide beyond Australia becoming really iconic and well known. It will be a great achievement when people everywhere immediately recognise the brand and instantly know what we stand for.


What are your top tips for people looking to buy into a franchise?

First, you really need to invest time into your business. Next properly set up the working standards for your team so things can run smoothly whether you are there in the store or not. Finally, you need to get to know all the ins and outs of the brand itself.


Would you recommend Oporto to people looking to buy a food business?

Absolutely! Not only is the quality of our food unique, but our current management practices are outstanding.

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