Oporto NSW State Manager – Meet Marino Musumeci

Familia News: October 16, 2018


Marino Musumeci_Oporto

Marino Musumeci – Oporto NSW State Manager


Whilst a great product, passionate people and effective marketing are all vital to make a company successful, ensuring that all programs and processes run smoothly is also another essential cog in the wheel. That’s why the long-time expertise of the recently promoted NSW State Manager Marino Musumeci is so important.

Not only does Marino help franchisees manage their day to day operations, he also looks to see where operations can be improved, or new ones implemented to result in improved efficiency levels and profitability.

“We run a lot of projects where we implement new initiatives into the brand, my role centres around technology and channel expansion”, explains Marino. “My team is responsible for things such as store system audits, managing menu configurations, and data so we can extract results to ensure we maximise profitability. Basically, everything filters through the team and we test all operations properly. If we drop the ball at our end it affects the franchisee and stores greatly.”


As the only Oporto senior manager who has worked continuously in the business his entire life, Marino’s experience and insights have been invaluable. He was instrumental in ensuring the smooth roll-out of the new Oporto delivery platform which is now available in 100 stores. The roll-out was hugely successful, resulting in substantial incremental sales for the brand that Marino was awarded the highly regarded Craveable Brands 2018 Game Changer Award. As Marino continues to work on the delivery project, he is also now looking after Oporto’s upcoming initiative to offer alcohol in their stores.

Career progression within Oporto

Marino was first hired by Oporto founder Antonio Cerqueira back in 2001 as a 16-year-old to work as a kitchen hand in the Maroubra store. “I have a personal relationship with Antonio as I went to school with his kids and he’s a great mentor to me”, Marino explains. “Antonio is so passionate and the whole success of the brand is built on his original philosophy that if the customer is happy, they will come back. Under the leadership of our CEO Craig Tozer, we’ve now brought back Antonio’s heritage and authenticity to the brand, which is a key reason we’ve had such success in the past four years.”

When asked what keeps him engaged in the business after almost two decades with the company, Marino says he finds it continually rewarding. “Every day is different with new challenges which I love,” he explains. “Plus, I really like seeing our franchise partners become successful, so if I can help them get there, that drives me to succeed.”

Support received from the brand

He also adds that the company has been very accommodating to his own personal needs. “I was also a semi-professional soccer player from the age of 16 to only a few years ago. There were times where I needed to leave work early to get to training or request some leave to travel with representative teams. Whenever I left for soccer Oporto always assured me that I had a job to come back to which meant a lot to me.”

With the brand being so accommodating to Marino’s personal needs, he became an Oporto Store Manager at 19. “That was really challenging because some work mates were older and more experienced than me, but I quickly learned that if you develop rapport with people, it can produce positive results. From my soccer days I’ve always been a team player and developing solid relationships with people whether it’s with suppliers, team members or franchise partners is now one of my strengths.”

The father of two who still plays recreational soccer says the brand needs to embrace change to secure its success. “I’m just looking forward to the challenges the coming years will bring, and I plan on continuing to grow my own career further with Oporto.”



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