Oporto franchisee in Mount Druitt – Meet Faisall Mehr

Familia News: November 10, 2018


He may be only 23, but Faisall Mehr is already packing more into his young working life than people twice his age. Not only does Faisall run his own successful Oporto franchise in Sydney’s Mount Druitt, he also studies full-time at University.

Faisell Mehr_Oporto Franchisee

Faisall Mehr – Oporto franchisee in Mount Druitt, NSW

The driven young businessman explains how his refugee parents have inspired his strong work ethic. Also, he explains how he uses that inspiration to lead his own team.


Tell us a bit about yourself?

Working hard is in my blood. My parents always told me to work hard because nothing in life is free. Over their lives they’ve faced their own challenges, including living through a war and bloodshed. My parents migrated to Australia from Afghanistan in 1994. Their aim was to settle somewhere peacefully with access to education, health and opportunities for their children. They have always been strong mentors for me and my greatest inspiration. They fully believe in dedicating time and effort to making your dreams come true which is great advice to live by.


You are definitely driven to succeed…

I’m focused on building a successful business and career. These is not just for myself but for my family, which also includes my crew. Constantly looking for ways to improve myself, I’m currently studying full-time at the University of Western Sydney doing a Bachelor of Medical Science Degree with a view to doing a Post-Graduate major in Occupational Health and Safety. With these qualifications I’ll be able to gather essential knowledge to keep improving my business.

It’s exciting, and busy times!


What inspired you to become an Oporto franchisee?

I’ve always worked in the QSR industry having started out at KFC as a teenager and then moving on to McDonalds. I saw that there was real potential to go further in the industry with hard work. However it wasn’t until the opportunity to work with Oporto came up that I thought ‘this is it’. I wasn’t familiar with Oporto at the time, but I knew it was a young brand with a great history and a unique product. There was nothing quite like it in terms of fresh, quality food.

I thought it was a great chance for me to grow as a young business owner in competitive environment. I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and didn’t let go, working super hard over the last two years to get the store to where it is now. Now, I believe that if you build strong relationships with your customers and get to know them by name, they will support you in the good and tough times. That’s a key to keeping a business running strongly.


Work-life balance at Oporto

What do you do in your spare time?

Ah I don’t really have any! As I’m highly competitive and always want to push through boundaries, my job and studies really consume my energies right now. I’d have to say the main sacrifice I’ve had to make is sleep!


Would you recommend Oporto as a good business venture to buy into?

Absolutely, there are endless opportunities to really grow your business and make a difference. I just think that being your own leader and working with a young brand which provides a supportive network is a fantastic opportunity. If you enjoy building your team, meeting, serving and working with different people, and growing at a fast rate in a short time, you’ll find Oporto really rewarding.




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