Oporto Business Development Manager – Meet Anita Elsayed

Familia News: December 14, 2018


AnitaElsayed_Oporto Business Development Manager

Anita Elsayed – Oporto Business Development Manager

She is the bold, loud and charismatic Business Development Manager for Oporto that “never likes to lose.” Anita Elsayed happily admits that she is always motivated by success.

However, what really drives Anita in her role is the opportunity to help make other people successful. “I show our franchise partners the best ways to get the most out of our business model, and am there to always provide encouragement”, she explains. The franchisees who are self-starters, customer centric and drive their team to succeed are the ones who really shine.

“I really enjoy watching each of them grow and achieve fantastic things. Like taking a store manager and turning them into a franchise partner or taking a single store franchise partner and helping them develop into a multi-site. Watching my partners go from ground zero to that level is just a huge buzz.”


Anita is highly specialised in the food industry and has held major managerial roles in companies such as Mrs Fields, Gloria Jeans and BP before joining her beloved Oporto six years ago. She says her natural sense of loyalty and tenaciousness is something that serves her well in her role.

“I have a deep-seated loyalty to my franchisees, I see my role as the conduit from the stores to head office”, she says. “So, I work hard to ensure there is a lot of trust between us. I have a good understanding of how to build and strengthen relationships. I really care about my franchise partners and that sense of duty and care is something that is reflected throughout our company.”

What is the focus in all Oporto plans?

Anita says it was Oporto’s understanding workplace environment which was one of the main drivers for joining the business.  She experienced this first hand when, for a period of time she was largely based at home looking after her mother who was ill.

“When I joined Oporto, management accommodated my needs to keep looking after my mum – that’s what I really like about the company.  We are like a family and we look out for each other. Any decisions we make are always based on the greater good for everyone.”

Anita says the leadership team has worked hard to pinpoint exactly what the business needs to do to ensure continued success “Customer experience and franchisee profitability is front and centre in all our plans right now. Oporto is an incredible brand with inspirational foundations.  I get to work with a highly motivated team every day who strive for success and in turn I get to help franchisees succeed.  This is my ideal job.”

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