State Team Member of the Year – Meet Ashleigh Hocking

Familia News: March 4, 2019

OportoWomensWeek – She is Asleigh Hocking, State Team Member of the year and a great inspiration for all those working with her at the Berkeley Vale store.

She has been with Oporto for over a year and is a great example of hard work and dedication.

Our success is thank to people like her. And no better to use the Women Week to thank all the women crew members at our stores all over Australia.


What thing do you like the most of working for Oporto?

The thing I most enjoy about being part of the Oporto familia is that it is a big family, everyone supports each other and is kind.


How does Oporto support you and your team?

Oporto supports us in different ways, there is always encouragement from head office in improving the stores and company as a whole, there’s team member of the month, team member of the quarter, state team member of the year and national team member of the year to recognise the hard working members of the familia


Who is your best inspiration in life?

A woman that inspires me is my Mum, a few years ago she was overweight and taken to hospital and diagnosed with heart disease and was given 3 days to live, two years after that the cardiologist gave us the news that she had recovered 100% and the heart was working at normal capacity again, now Mum runs ultramarathons, her longest run being 75 kilometres in New Zealand last year.


What are you proud of?

An achievement that I’m proud of would have to be winning state team member of the year last year for Oporto




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