Switch Lame for FLAME!

Brand News: April 21, 2018

Is your lunch lame? Are you sick of limp salads, soggy sandwiches and lame leftovers?

A raft of research and a shedload of surveys over the years shows that a lot of people are bitterly disappointed with their lunch – with one in six people admitting to eating the same lame lunch every day for at least two years!

These sobering stats demonstrate that the daily grind has extended to lunchtimes. People are bored and uninspired by lunchtime, playing it safe and sticking to routine instead of seeking variety and trying something new.

Time to make a change. Time to bring flavour and spice to your lunch life…

Try something new with the BONDI BENDA MEAL from Oporto – fresh-grilled chicken breast, original chilli sauce, lettuce, cheese, creamy mayo, in a toasted flatbread with a side of regular potato skins and garlic sauce.

mmmmmm… pOtatO skins… The only place you can get these crunchy moreish wedges of heaven is At Oporto!

Walk on the wild side. Ditch the ham sandwich. Tantalise your tastebuds and make the extraordinary part of your repertoire.

Available for a limited time only.

Oporto Lunch Meal

Oporto continuously add new and amazing food to their menu. April was no different with the introduction of the Bondi Benda Meal