Oporto to Open in Sri Lanka

Brand News: July 31, 2018

In conjunction with Master Franchisor, Ataraxia Capital Partners, Oporto will open its first restaurant in Colombo, Sri Lanka, mid-September 2018.

To launch Oporto into market, Ataraxia secured a prime location in the first ever international Food Atrium in Colombo, at the newly built Colombo City Centre Mall.  Early 2019, Oporto will also open in Shangri-La’s One Mall Food Atrium, widely expected to be a pre-eminent destination for foodies.

Oporto opens in Sri Lanka

Natural born explorers, the Portuguese first visited Sri Lanka nearly 500 years ago in 1505. They are credited with introducing chilies to Sri Lankan cuisine!! Fast forward to 2018, the authentic taste of Portugal will be available with Sri Lanka’s first Oporto restaurant.

Craig Tozer, Oporto CEO:

“For over 30 years Oporto has been serving Aussies our famous Bondi Burger and flame grilled Portuguese chicken.  We are so proud of our Portuguese heritage and Australian upbringing and aim to feed millennial’s appetite for food adventure to become the most craved food experience on earth.  It is an honour for us to now share our passion with Sri Lankans.

The Food Atrium caters to the foodie generation who want more out of their dining experience. It will house 15 outlets both local and international, and patrons will be able to choose from authentic Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine as well as fusion and Western selections.

Partner and Co-Founder of Ataraxia Capital Partners, Sharad Sri, said:

Sri Lankan’s are very excited by the entry of Oporto into the market.  For many years Sri Lankan’s have asked for Oporto to come here.  It really celebrates our love of chicken, Portuguese heritage and off-course chilli. We have always loved the Oporto brand and are really delighted to add this to the existing Ataraxia Foods portfolio.”


Are you looking for International business opportunities? Oporto will open 10 stores in next year.

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