Donut Disturb!

Brand News: April 30, 2018
Donut Deliciousness

Delicious and addictive, one Oporto donut is never enough!

All over the world, when the urge for something sweet hits, or when you get a craving for dessert, people turn to the donut.   In all different shapes and flavours, nothing seems to satiate the hunger for a sugary sweet delightful treat quite like a donut.

Or a Churros… Or a Beignet… Or a Cruller… Or a Balushahi… Or a Berliner… Or a Loukoumada… Or a Johnnycake… Or a Bunuelo…  Whatever you call it, it’s a much-loved indulgence.

Oporto now offering our Portuguese / Aussie version – light little sugar dusted pillows of sweet donut dough, filled with a luscious salted caramel centre.

Nom Nom Nom…. Go now and get your little bundles of deliciousness as they’re available for a limited time only!