Oporto launches a campaign bespoke to the users’ individual search

Brand News: March 22, 2019

Oporto is famous for its flavoursome food that gets you out of your comfort zone.

How can we showcase our food quality, whilst instilling this spirit of adventure? Collaborating with Google Directors Mix to create 18 ‘Adventure Awaits Ads’. How is that?

Oporto has recently launched a campaign that is bespoke to the users’ individual search. The campaign was shot at macro level and portrayed the food as an epic landscape, which meant there was nowhere for the food to hide. The food needed to look exceptional and be of high quality. No fakery.


Filming flames and liquids…

is also challenging as they often have a mind of their own. Lighting needed to be technically considered given the way we were filming and the equipment we were using and we had technical setups to best capture the story we were telling.


Lastly, we used a combination of high-speed photography and standard frame rates to play with pace and tempo to heighten our food moments and apply drama and adventure, giving our YouTube audience an edge of their seat viewing experience.


Big thank you to the team that made this possible:

  • Director – Ben Flaxman
  • Food Stylist – Ben Masters
  • VO – Lee Perry
  • Creative Agency – Leo Burnett
  • Production Company – Prodigious


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