“FOOD FOR THE SOL” – Oporto achieved major uplift with vibrant and heartfelt campaign.

Brand News: October 28, 2021

Oporto achieved 101% Uplift in Brand Consideration, 259% Uplift in Brand Opinion and 102% Uplift in Brand Recommendation with vibrant new marketing campaign, Food For The Sol.

With the right ingredients, any meal moment can become much more than just a meal. When you add together sun, mates, fun times and delicious lip-smacking Portuguese flavours, it’s not just food, it’s…Food For The Sol.

Oporto’s journey began in Bondi in 1986 when founder Antonio Cerqueira opened his first store. Antonio always believed that when you’ve got the beach, friends and great food then life tastes pretty good. In FY21 Oporto unveiled a new brand campaign that spoke to Antonio’s original vision. The Food For the Sol brand world introduced Oporto as a warm, friendly and welcoming brand filled with optimism and enjoyment.

With the objective to redefine the brand purpose for both the franchise partners and the business, Oporto set out to create a new brand purpose and consumer proposition that captured the essence of the brand, in order to ensure future success. To understand the fundamental building blocks for such a project, Oporto undertook extensive consumer research which identified key insights; customers genuinely love the food and see it as a step up from other QSRs, considering the brand as a healthier alternative. Therefore, the restaurants are visited by thoughtful, proactive customers who make a conscious effort to go to the brand.

In order to speak to these customers, a brand campaign was developed around; Inspired Discovery, Summer Vibrancy and Heartfelt Connection. The strategy was to depict the lively, relaxed and carefree vibe that is Oporto, situating the warm welcoming spirit of good food and friendship at the heart of the brand and leaving customers uplifted. It was important to infuse these values along all paths of the customer journey, from painting neighbourhood murals to updating the website and menu boards to providing a full in store experience reflective of a brand that serves Food For the Sol.

The brand campaign achieved amazing results: high ad-recall for both lots of creative assets, strong overall brand awareness (74%) and strong uplifts across all branding questions.

Oporto “Food for the Sol” was created to talk to Oporto’s heritage steeped in beach culture, connections with friends and family and long summer days sharing food that feeds your soul. Oporto created a truly ownable brand world that talks to the emotive values of the brand and marries the joy of heartfelt connection with a fresh aesthetic of life and summer vibrancy. It’s a brand world that makes you want to pause, take your time and discover the great food Oporto has to offer.