As Oporto Expands Through VIC, NSW and QLD, we sat down with CEO, Sam Bragg, to discuss the future of the brand.

Brand News: March 31, 2022

Oporto is a home-grown Australian icon from humble beginnings. Teenagers from the 1980s will remember rocking up to Oporto’s beachside shop, mesmerised by chicken grilled over an open flame with the juicy aroma of Portuguese spices filling the air. Nearly four decades later, they’re still cooking up the same intensely delicious flavours in over 180 stores throughout Australia. Today, Oporto continues to open new stores across Australia.

What’s unique about Oporto in the QSR industry? Oporto is a little different to most food franchises because our food looks and tastes like homemade recipes, and our restaurants smell like a family kitchen. Our chicken is flame-grilled, and we serve adventurous flavour in a quintessential Portuguese way. The goal is to bring people together, let them escape the mundane and enjoy our generous servings in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

What makes Oporto a unique business opportunity? Our love for people and our love of food. Our purpose at Oporto is to create vibrant food experiences that feed the soul. We have a network of great franchise partners because we partner with people who not only love the Oporto brand but share that purpose and are committed to delivering outstanding customer and food experiences.

What do you look for in Franchise Partners? It’s important that Franchise Partners not only have a love of the Oporto brand but that they are aligned to our ambition across our food, our experience and our culture.

What are the characteristics of Oporto’s most successful FPs?  To succeed as a franchise partner you have to understand the importance of three key areas; the brands’ operational standards, the safety and development of team members and the safety and satisfaction of our customers. If you have an unrelenting focus on these areas, you will reap the rewards. Critical to our success are our people, or as we like to call them, our familia. They are a huge part of our brands DNA and they ensure that our customers feel as though they are welcomed into our home.

What does the future of Oporto look like? Innovation and customer convenience are top priorities at Oporto! We’re making sure that all our restaurants and outlets can offer a range of options to their customers across our menu items and ordering technology. With an increased interest in healthy eating habits, our menu innovators have been busy creating options to suit every customer. We’re also expanding our customer-centric options for ordering to include more click & collect, more drive-thrus and more catering.

Sydney is the home of Oporto and now has over 90 stores satisfying customer cravings in a big way… is there room for expansion in this market? There is still significant room for expansion in Sydney across all our formats and with Sydney being one of best performing markets there is always a waiting list of franchising partners ready to expand with us. We have also recently moved into larger regional centres and these restaurants are performing well above our initial expectations.

Melbourne has become a booming market for Oporto both customers and franchise partners alike over the past few years… why is it so popular and what are the growth plans for this market? Melbourne has a young, urban population that is adventurous with their food and Oporto offers a distinctive fast food experience unlike other offers in the market. Our fresh, colourful, and flavourful food is particularly well suited to this market.

Queenslanders have fallen in love with Oporto over the past couple of years and is a massive market for growth opportunities – what are your plans in this market? Queensland is a large market and has always performed well when it comes to fast food choices.  Like in Melbourne, Oporto offers a unique food proposition that customers love. Our focus on serving up quality food each and every time is earning us an incredibly loyal customer base.

What is your role in leading the Oporto brand into the future? My role is to ensure that the business is 100% aligned to our brand purpose and that I’m driving the strategic agenda for sustained growth. My role is to also mitigate risk and ensure that I am not only protecting the brand but ensuring that I’m protecting the health of the total franchise partner network.

What’s the most rewarding part of being the CEO of Oporto? Nothing makes me prouder than seeing our people grow and seeing our franchise partners benefit from a rewarding franchise system.

Final word? Aussies love our style and they can’t get enough of our food, so we need to grow our franchise familia to keep up with demand. We’ve identified dozens of perfect locations for new restaurants, and now we just need some new franchise parceiros (partners) to join the team.