Master Franchisee FAQS

  • Master Franchising Process

  • What are the terms of the franchise agreement?

    The total upfront fee for exclusive Master Franchise rights in a country or region can range from US$200,000 to US$1,000,000 depending on the size of the region. This gives you exclusive Master Franchise rights to the region for a minimum of 10 years with a further 10 year option. There is a franchisee fee per store which ranges from US$9,000 to US$20,000, and an ongoing royalty fee set as a percentage of net sales.

  • What does the franchise fee cover?

    Paying the franchise fee gives you the right to use the brand, signage, store design, cooking manuals and operations manuals. It also covers the cost of your upfront training (excluding travel and accommodation), legal costs incurred to draft the Master Franchise Agreement, and support given by head office in providing market entry assistance. You will receive exclusive rights to operate the Oporto brand in your country and sub-franchise rights.

  • How large is the Oporto business?

    Oporto has over 150 stores in Australia and New Zealand. It is a comparatively young brand with fast growth over recent years. Oporto is one of three brands owned by Quick Service Restaurants who operate a total of more than 570 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

  • What makes a successful application?

    Oporto are seeking well capitalised partners who are entrepreneurial and have a strong knowledge of their market. Previous experience in the food and beverage industry is preferable.

  • How do I apply?

    Click the Apply Now button at the top of this website, complete the enquiry form and a member of our International Franchise Team will contact you.

  • How long will the process take from applying to launching?

    The length of time depends largely on how quickly the business plan and management meetings can be completed. Before entering your first store the supply chain, training, design and construction will take approximately 6 to 12 months.

  • Restaurants

  • How large are Oporto sites?

    Oporto stores range from as small as 50 square meters (538 square feet) to large standalone sites of 400 square meters (4305 square feet).

  • Will Oporto find my sites?

    You will use your own market knowledge and judgment to select your initial site(s) which Oporto will then approve. You will also be able to leverage Oporto’s expertise to seek new sites.

  • Who will build the initial store in my region?

    Oporto will share its design specifications and assist you in finding local suppliers of materials, equipment and construction professionals to build your initial store. If these local suppliers cannot meet Oporto specifications then you will be able to make purchases through Oporto.

  • Supply Chain

  • Where will my ingredients be sourced?

    Oporto will help you set up a local supply chain where possible to improve both costs and control whilst maintaining quality. If these local suppliers cannot meet Oporto specifications then you will be able to make purchases through Oporto.

  • Can I add additional menu items for my region?

    Oporto understands the need to develop new products for local tastes. There will be a ‘core menu’ for all markets, however there will also be flexibility to add new products.

  • Support

  • What training support is given?

    Training will consist of a 4-week program in Australia for both corporate management and store management, a further 2 weeks training for the team will be provided in your local market (1 week before and 1 week after the opening of your first store).