International Franchising Opportunities

Oporto are seeking Master Franchisees

You could obtain the exclusive rights to one of Australia's leading home-grown chicken brands, Oporto, in a particular country or region. This is an opportunity to build and operate a successful Aussie brand network in your region with our support.

Store Types

Drive Thru

Large format Oporto restaurants offer restaurant and drive thru facilities of up to 400 square meters. These restaurants are either freestanding or a Totally Integrated Unit (TIU) with a petrol station.

‘Pequeno’ Shop Front

The Oporto small format store is known as ‘Pequeno’ (Portuguese for small). It’s paving the way for restaurants to open in high density, urban, inner city locations where real estate is limited. A smaller shopfront equals lower investment with a stronger return on investment.

Food Court

The new Oporto Food Court format is modern in design with streamlined menu boards. It’s designed for maximum impact in a highly competitive location.

The Oporto Difference

For the first time since launching in 1972, Australia's leading home-grown roast chicken brand is now seeking Master Franchisees. This is an opportunity to obtain exclusive rights to build and operate a successful Aussie brand network in your country or region.

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