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In 30 years Oporto has grown from one store in North Bondi to a network of over 140 Food Courts, Shop Fronts and Drive Thru restaurants. While we continue to strengthen our numbers in NSW we have a commitment to spreading the love of Oporto to other capital cities and suburbs. In 2016 we have secured new sites in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with more to be added to the network in the coming months.

Small Format 
Marks BIG Change

Our new 'Pequeno' (Portuguese for small) shop fronts are paving the way for future restaurants to open in high density locations where real estate is premium.

The first 'Pequeno' was launched in a high traffic area of Surry Hills NSW. With the use of natural, authentic, environmentally friendly materials the impressively modern 50 square meter space features a cleverly integrated fully functioning open kitchen with grill, oven and fryers along with refrigeration, counter space and seating for 15 people.

Oporto’s new small format design can be incorporated into 50-120 square meters and reflects the modern, changing face of the brand.

Modernisation of an 
Iconic Aussie Brand

Oporto is undergoing a transformation. The new look includes both exterior and interior makeovers with warm lighting, large wooden share tables and chairs, a new colour palette (wood, black and deep orange) as well as a range of new wall art to create a desirable and comfortable restaurant experience. Oporto staff now wear modern youthful uniforms, the menu boards are digital, the photography is mouth-wateringly inspiring and the overall look and feel complements the delicious authentic Portuguese flame-grilled chicken and burgers that Oporto is so famous for.


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Oporto is now franchising internationally

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