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If you’re someone who thinks big, an Oporto drive-thru franchise may be the perfect business option for you. The larger outlet format offers more service opportunities, more potential for turnover and more space to play with than any of our other restaurant formats.

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Potential Galore

If you’re happy to put in the hard yards, our drive-thru franchises are by far the most exciting formats available when it comes to reach. If you have the drive to take on a dynamic, fast-paced business and can offer positive leadership and great customer service, this is the restaurant format for you.

Offer Your Customers Convenience

Oporto customers love good food. They prioritise quality and taste – but thanks to our drive-thru franchises, they can get convenience too.

And drive-thru service is just the start. Online and in-app ordering options also help to make their experience smoother, creating a greater chance that they’ll come back for more.

The Best of Both Worlds

Eat in or take away, pick up or home delivery – in restaurant dining, it doesn’t get more versatile than this. When you buy an Oporto drive-thru franchise, you’re buying the opportunity to both serve loyal diners in your restaurant, and offer quick, convenient meals to on-the-go customers.

Peace of Mind

The versatility of the drive-thru business format has helped our franchise partners to weather the recent storms better than many other businesses. Twelve months ago, most restaurant owners couldn’t have imagined the reality of a global pandemic. Today, the concept of ‘contactless trading’ is simply part of the hospitality lexicon.

Moving forward, put yourself and your team members in the best position to evolve and grow with your customers’ changing expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of owning a drive-thru?

    It’s a larger-scale business that offers restaurant, drive-thru and home delivery options. This means more potential for turnover, more versatility and more happy customers.

  • How much is the franchise fee?

    If you are buying an existing store, you will need to pay a franchising fee of $40,000 (plus GST), which covers the admin and training costs for the length of their agreement. If you do a new build though, the franchise fee is covered in the overall cost.

    This price is the same no matter what sized store you buy.

  • How many employees do most drive-thru franchises have?

    You can have anywhere from 3 to 12 on the floor at any one time. Most restaurants have 7 on staff as the majority are casual employees and don’t take on a full-time load. This is why we stress that our business partners are people-people! Managing that many staff members is not for the faint of heart.

  • Can I buy an Oporto drive-thru restaurant if I already own a business?

    Of course! Previous experience in running a business is a great asset to bring to the role. But we want success for all of our Oporto franchise partners, and the most successful restaurant owners work within their businesses. So if your current business takes up a lot of your time, you may want to consider another option.