How to buy an Oporto Franchise Wondering How Buying an Oporto Franchise Works?

Our Familia is Your Familia!

Family is at the heart of everything we do at Oporto. We’re driven by family values, a passion for customer service and a bold desire to make a difference in the world. Not to mention, serving up flaming good chicken!

When you buy a franchise with Oporto, you’re stepping into a family of professional, talented individuals. As a family, we’re going places. We’re reaching new heights and winning, together.

There’s no room for second best here. We’re on a mission to win, and we’re ready for you to join us.

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How Exactly Do You Buy an Oporto Restaurant? Here’s the Process

Our franchise partners get the incredible support of our parent company, Craveable Brands… but franchise life isn’t for everyone. Our process prepares you for the reality of owning an Oporto franchise. Then, by the time you get the keys to your restaurant, you’re ready to hit the ground running.

(1) Do your research

Buying a business is one of the biggest life decisions you can make. It’s a significant financial commitment that will affect your lifestyle. So you need to do your research to determine whether it’s a leap that you’re ready to take.

To start with, speak to other Oporto franchise partners who can share their experience with our brand and how the franchise works for them. Speak to an independent consultant about your legal and financial obligations as a franchise partner too. Then think about your goals for the future and how owning a franchise could affect those goals. And finally, talk to your family about your plans to buy a franchise, and make sure they’re on board.

(2) Get in touch

Once you’re ready, fill out our online contact form. Someone from our parent company, Craveable Brands, will be in touch with you ASAP for a quick chat to talk you through the process.

(3) Complete the application form

Once you’re sure that Oporto is where you want to be, the next step is to complete our short application form. This helps us to get to know you better, so we can start the conversation about possible opportunities for you.

We’ll also be able to answer any questions you have about the process. If all goes well, we’ll then invite you to an initial interview.

(4) Sign the confidentiality agreement

Before we can share financial and performance information with you, you’re legally required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

(5) Go through due diligence

Due diligence is an essential stage of the process – for both you and us.

For you, this means spending a day in one of our Oporto restaurants to get a feel for our day-to-day franchise operations. We’ll also give you financial data and forecasts to review and ask you to arrange finance pre-approval. And you’ll need to start working on a business plan and cash flow projection for your desired restaurant too.

Our due diligence is about conducting reference and asset checks, and ensuring that your values align with ours.

(6) Meet the team

Team and family mean everything to us at Oporto. Our success relies on us working collaboratively and sharing our collective success.

That’s why we’ll need you to meet a couple of our key team members, namely the State Manager and CEO. They’ll share their passion for the Oporto business and give you greater insight into our values and how we work. They’ll also give you the opportunity to present your plans for your store, and show them your commitment to being part of the success of the Oporto brand.

(7) Sign-off

If our CEO thinks you have what it takes to become an Oporto franchise partner, you’ll present your business plan to them. They’ll then have the final sign-off to welcome you to ‘the familia’.

(8) Learn the ropes

When you buy an Oporto franchise, you get the benefit of an experienced team to back you and guide you through setting up and operating your franchise.

We start by putting you through a comprehensive franchise partner training course. Over a period of ten weeks, you’ll actively participate in a combination of classroom and in-store training. This course will give you everything you need to understand our systems and processes.

We want you to succeed, so we ensure you have everything required to make it happen.

Once you complete training… you are ready for the final step…

(9) Pick up the keys

You’ve already been on such a journey with us… but the day you pick up the keys to your new Oporto restaurant is the real beginning.
We’ll be here, cheering you on and welcoming you to ‘the familia’. On your first day, you’ll turn the key with the confidence that you have the training, business plan and support team to make your franchise goals a reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m ready to buy a franchise. What do I do next?

    You’re making an excellent decision! To start the process, all you need to do is complete our short application form. We’ll then get in touch to discuss the next steps in the process and get the ball rolling.

  • Can I suggest a location to open an Oporto franchise?

    You certainly can. While we don’t expect new franchise partners to source their own location, if you have one in mind, we’d love to hear about it.

    Our property team will then step in and follow the same process they do for all potential Oporto restaurant locations. They’ll assess the site’s feasibility, and – if it goes ahead – they’ll negotiate the lease and construction too.

  • How much does it cost to buy an Oporto franchise?

    New Oporto restaurant franchises cost between $350,000 and $700,000 (plus GST) depending on the location, size of the franchise and several other factors. This includes build and fitout of the restaurant, franchise fee, training fee and any administrations costs

    Alternatively, you may want to buy an existing Oporto franchise. You can negotiate the price of this independently with the franchise partner. The only upfront fees we charge are a $12,500 (plus GST) training fee and $10,000 (plus GST) administration fee.

    For both new and existing stores, we detail other ongoing costs in the Disclosure Document that our Franchising Team will provide when you contact us.

  • What is the franchise agreement fee? And is it one-off or annual?

    The franchise agreement fee is $50,000 (plus GST) per location. This is an upfront fee for new restaurants that covers your rights to use the brand, signage, store design and cooking and operations manuals. It also covers the legal costs of drafting the Franchise Agreements and market entry support from our head office team.

    When buying a new store the franchise fee is included. It is important to know that the franchise fee is payable every 10 years.

  • How is buying a franchise different to owning my own business?

    Becoming an Oporto franchise partner is much like owning your own business… but with all the training and support you need to set you up for success.

    When you start your own business from scratch, you need to build your brand from the ground up. You need to find customers, negotiate with suppliers, handle your marketing and navigate the entire business journey alone.
    When you buy a franchise with Oporto, on the other hand, you’re stepping into an existing family. We have a strong brand, existing customers who love our product and expert teams who negotiate with suppliers and do the marketing legwork for you.

    That’s not to say that being a franchise partner is easy. You definitely need to be prepared to roll up your sleeves and work hard to get results. But at every step of the way, we’ve got your back.
    And that support is priceless.

  • How does a franchise work?

    At Oporto, we use the Retailer-Retailer model of franchising. It lets you operate your own business under the Oporto brand, as long as you follow our guidelines, systems and processes.

    To support your franchise growth, you have access to a Shared Services team, who’ll help you with marketing, IT, HR, training and operations support. They’ll also negotiate better supplier rates and leases on your behalf.

    There are many benefits to this model of franchising, including:

    • Brand recognition – you’re walking into an established brand and can hit the ground running.
    • Higher success rate – we’ve done all the trial and error for you, so we know what works. All you need to do is follow our formula for success.
    • Easier financing – some national lenders know that Oporto has a higher success rate than other brands so, securing finance may be easier.
    • Collective buying power – because we negotiate with suppliers across the entire Craveable Brands business, we (and you) benefit from economies of scale.
    • Franchisor support – we provide extensive training and ongoing support. Your success is our success, so it’s important to take a winning approach, together.
  • How long does it take to buy a franchise?

    Expect it to take at least six to 12 months from the beginning of the process to the moment you can say you’re a member of the Oporto family.

3 store opportunities currently available

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